Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate
Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate

Maldives - opportunity investment
21 AUG, 2017    6 imagini - 536 vizite

Maldives - a great opportunity with several options. Located only 20 minutes away from Male International airport. Our client is looking for a development opportunity for his resort. The resort has been operating for 10 years a very small 5* exclusive operation, but owner is now looking to increase the units to around 100 or more keys, depending on the investment and category. The main infrastructure is already there. The island resort is certainly unique and of a great beauty with the perfect location. The island has a large private lagoon and another 2 small islands of the same owner. So potential is really great. The owner is looking for an investor or a leading hotel operator and offering several options: ( option 1 or 2 is in preference) Option 1: Lease out the resort and project - currently 40 years left and can be extended Option 2: Joint Venture partnership ( details on request) Option 3: Management of the resort but with investment to build the resort Option 4: The sale of the property Our client is open to disu¡cuss any reasonable offer in participation. ** The project is currently in the design stage. ** Full information can be obtained after verification and receiving LOI or NDA. Details Property type: Resort Investment type: Hotel searching for branding Bedrooms: 100 Condition: Project stage Extras Contact us

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Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate
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Florela Petculescu is a real estate investment broker specializing in prestigious luxury properties in Europa . Also, with our partners in Africa and America, we offer a diversified portfolio of real estate . >

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