Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate
Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate

Spanish - Costa del Sol - Investments commercial properties
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Spain occupies a strategic positions on southwest of the European continent bordered on its east and south coast by the Mediterranean Sea . The commercial real estate sector in Spain has recently become the focus of international real estate investor attention with investors like Bill Gates , George Soros and Carols Slim , attracted by the higher yields on offer and a steadily improving economy . Significant international investment has been channelled into many of Spain`s commercial real estate sectors , most notably from United States and France .However , international investors have had to compete with the very meny active domestic players . Within the office sector , tenant demand has stabilised with prime location in the big city of Madrid and Barcelona continuing to take advantage of the improving market conditions

   I have a lot more commercial properties (hotels, shopping malls, leisure properties, camping, clinics, apartment blocks, restaurants...). But this are all "OFF-MARKET" properties, which we can not public. So when you have a investor, please let me know his demands - i´am sure that i can offer the right investment for them. The investment range is here from 3.000.000 million Euros up to 80.000.000 million Euros. All investments are at Spanish Costa del Sol.
For more information :jolli_ville@yahoo.com

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Florela Petculescu
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Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate
Despre Florela Petculescu - high-class real estate
Florela Petculescu is a real estate investment broker specializing in prestigious luxury properties in Europa . Also, with our partners in Africa and America, we offer a diversified portfolio of real estate . >

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